what's the best software for A+

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    Please define?

    Do you mean test quizzer software, or CBTs?
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    trying to get hold of win9x, nt and win2k (and xp if you wish to follow the in-coming objectives) would be excellent too ;)
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    Spawn what are you basically looking for with your questions, a bit unclear.
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    I guess both test prep software and CBT training. I am open for suggestions. Thanks
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    on the moneycbt is not necessary if you have a book(s) and some sort of lab. your lab will basically consist of your present computer and, perhaps, one or two 2nd user computers, if you can afford them.

    use your lab computers to gain experience of taking them apart, putting them back together, perhaps swapping parts between them, installing operating system(s), configuring hardware drivers etc, networking.

    your choice of testprep software is up to you and your pocket. transcender is good, perhaps harder than the actual exams, and buying via the link on this site will help keep techexams going. i am presently reviewing ucertify testprep for this site, and it seems to be on the money ;)

    (stay clear of vendors that just sell pdfs of questions and answers).
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