Network + 2009 question

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If we dont have Network + 2009 study material, are we studying for an out-of-date Network + Exam?


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    I'm sure alot of what was on the 2007 exam still applies to the 2009 exam. Just a matter of finding what new objectives they've added. The 2007 exam did expire on July 31 though. I luckily took mine the week before just in case I failed I would have another week to pass it, but I was able to pass it the first try.
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    I recently bought the 2009 Network Exam cram third edition by Mike Harwood and read it in 72 hours and then took the test on here and all the questions are related to same subject ........The only thing I see that changed was fiber optics and wireless networks and some security practices for virus
    here is the 2009 objectives
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