SonicWALL SSO "Failed to get Logged in User for"

RobertKaucherRobertKaucher Posts: 4,298Member
We have always gotten a huge number of error messages in the Event Log for the SonicWALL SSO Agent. What happens is that the user attempts to access the Internet, an allowed site like Google, and is blocked by the content filter. I can usually see these error messages when this happens to someone.

Failed to get Logged in User for being the IP address of the person having the issue. Then for no apparent reason, boom, it works again. It happens in isolation, and normally does not last long. I'm certain it is not Windows Firewall as that is disabled via GPO. We have two DCs and I have tried both to authenticate via LDAP. I use several other applications that authenticate via LDAP and I have never seen this happen for any of them...

Now I'm getting LDAP queries taking longer that 1000ms events on my MOM Server and it's p!$$ing me off. Any suggestions? I have called SonicWALL support but they tell me to upgrade the firmware on the SonicWALL. But the issue is not witht he SonicWALL, it's with the SSO agent running on a Server 2003 system. I am using the lates SSO.
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