Win2K convert command (Fat32 to NTFS)

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I loaded 98SE WIN2K on a dual boot system on a spare hard drive to get ready for the OS exam. The hard drive has two partitions, 98SE is loaded on the first (C:) and Win2K is on the (D:). I loaded Win2K with Fat32 so I could use the convert command to change the D: partition to NTFS. I entered the following line in at the command prompt in Win2K (convert d: /fs:ntfs /v) rebooted the system and watch as the screen reported that the system was converting the D: partition to NTFS, everything seemed to go well and the system rebooted as it should. After the reboot I got the blue screen of death. What did I do wrong? 98SE will still boot fine but Win2K will not start. Thanks for the help


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    mech1963mech1963 Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Never mind, I managed to fix the problem by using the Command Console option of the Win2K setup and running Chkdsk d: /r to check and repair the drive. This is not the first problem I have had with that particular hard drive. I recently had an "operating system not found" on a 98SE installation with this drive. I had reformatted the drive before I loaded the Dual Boot system. I am starting to think that the drive may be going bad. Any thoughts on the subject would be nice. This could be a good experience to learn from.
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