Rack rentals for the CCNA Voice.

I need them. I have been watching the CCIE voice ooptions but they seem too complex for what is needed for the CCNA V. And expensive.

If you know a site where I can rent a rack designed for the CCNA voice please provide the link. I havent found one.
Training/Studying for....CCNP (BSCI) and some MS.


  • Jelani_ManJelani_Man Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□

    Have you found any CCNA Voice Racks that can be rented? I'm currently looking for one, myself.


  • AlexMRAlexMR Member Posts: 275
    WOW, sorry I didnt reply to this, I never saw it. No, i couldnt find any decently priced rack. Problem is there doesnt seem to be "CCNA Voice racks" for rent, you would need to rent a rack designed for the CCIE Voice or CCVP, and those were out of my budget.

    What i did was extend the study time to TRY to cover for the lack of experience. I did pass with 922/1000 but for some reason i was extremely nervous when I got to the exam center. Not having practiced PSTN stuff made me unsecure, but it all went OK.

    Good luck.
    Training/Studying for....CCNP (BSCI) and some MS.
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