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Sorry about that, I screwed up my last post. Anyways, I have laptop with a internal DVD-RW/CDRW. I can play a music CD that I made in it without a problem. However, when I try to run it from my external firewire CDRW it ask me if I wish to format it. What would cause this?


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    several years ago, not all cd-roms would read cdr or cdrw disks, though i haven't come across this in recent years (except for some stereo equipment not being able to play my compilation disks i created on cdr).

    i think there may still be a problem with cdrw media. cdrw media typically worked best in the drive they were orginally created with.

    i would check your external cdrw documentation incase your problem is mentioned there
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    It wouldn't be a case of different DVD formats?

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    One possibility is the CD-R/CD-RW was not finalized after you made it. You would be able to play the CD on the notebook you recorded it on, however it would not work in another drive.
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