Family Put A+Cert to first Test.

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I recently earned my A+ Cert- and my family member has a computer problem:

When they turn on the computer they have a black screen with the text "Invaild System Disk..." (and there is no disk in the A: Drive).

The first thing I said was that its the MBR. Or they have corrupt or missing system files. Oh yeah- their using Win95 icon_eek.gif

The family is across country so I said that I would make a startup disk off my WinME computer and send it to them.

Then I'll call and instruct them on running:
First: Fdisk/MBR - to fix the MBR
Second: SYS C: - to replace the system files
Third: Scandick C:
Once the system is up and running I'll have them Defrag also.
(It probably hasnt been ever done, I know at least for 3yrs.)

They called a couple of computer stores and were told that the HDD is gone or bad. So they wanted to charge them $100.00 to replace it.
I beleive that I should try the above first to see if the HDD is really bad- It could be its about 6 or 7 yrs old/no drive maintenance for the past 3yrs.
Tell me what you guys think about my purposed course of action with this machine. Their now getting money together for a new system but until then I'm going to try and keep them surfing the Net at dial-up speed icon_eek.gif
Don't tell co-workers your going for a Cert that they don't have. They may think your trying to take their job.


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    you could instruct them in how to access the cmos. if the hdd is listed in there, there is unlikely to be a hdd problem. if it's missing, it sounds like the drive has gone.

    if the hdd is okay, i would be tempted to overinstall the o/s.
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