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    Rio Salado Community College in Phoenix, AZ automatically granted 3 credits when I took my Net+ exam. I wasn't even enrolled there.

    The OP may want to check their area schools.
    Just started 70-290.
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    Chat I had with Capella earlier today...

    Thank you for choosing Capella University. A staff member will be with you shortly. Chats may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes. You are now chatting with 'Tony C'
    Tony C: Hello How can I help you today?
    Me: I am interested in Information Security BA

    Tony C: Great Me! Just in case we get disconnected do you have a phone or email address?

    Me: How many credit hours can I get from an active CCNA, CISSP, and CCNA Security?

    Tony C: Looking it up. One moment. Tony C: CISSP = 30 credits
    Me: What classes does it exempt?

    Tony C: CCNA = 12 credits

    Tony C: CCNA Security is 6 credits
    Me: Also is there a list that I can access to see what else applies

    Tony C: The CISSP exempts 5 of the following 8 courses based on your background: IT 4070, 4071, 4072, 4073, 4074, 4075, 4076, 4803
    Tony C: CCNA gives you IT 2250, 4150, 4155, 4160
    Tony C: CCNA Security = IT 4165
    Tony C: Not published. What other certifications do you have?
    Tony C: I am sorry the CCNA Security class is only 3 credits.
    Me: CEH

    Me: Thinking about CCNP

    Tony C: CEH = IT 4071
    Tony C: CCNP gives you the same as the CCNA.
    Me: k, thats great!

    Tony C: What other questions do you have for me?
    Tony C: We also have a $6000 Grant if you start in May or June.
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