Christmas Wishes

Lee HLee H Posts: 1,135Registered Members

What is everyone getting off father christmas this year?

Wish I was 10 again, transformers were awesome back then

Lee H


  • matradleymatradley Posts: 549Registered Members
    I get Christmas Day and Boxing Day off. :)
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  • GT-RobGT-Rob Posts: 1,090Registered Members
    Yeah the days off are what I look forward to. Snowshoeing up north, and some great dinners. Its been a long time since I have looked forward to "gifts".
  • eMeSeMeS Posts: 1,875Registered Members
    Spent a good 4 hours today putting this together for my two year old:

    Imaginarium Classic Train Table with Roundhouse Wooden Train Set - Toys R Us - Toys "R" Us

    I'm convinced that Satan himself designed that thing. Next year someone remind me to purchase the assembly for whatever we get him....

    Also put this together this week, which was actually fun:

    Airport | Fire, Police & Vehicles | LEGO Shop

    Happy holidays to everyone,

  • BokehBokeh Posts: 1,635Registered Members ■■■■■■■□□□
    Reliving a bit of childhood, and setting up HO train set around the Christmas tree for the grandson to find come Christmas day.
  • msteinhilbermsteinhilber Posts: 1,479Registered Members
    I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve myself. My side of the family always does things on Christmas Eve while my wife's side of the family holds their festivities on Christmas Day. With the divorce in process I'm just happy that I get to spend Christmas Eve with my 2 year old boy and my family.

    We're not doing anything for gifts with the exception of the kids this year as a result of the tough economic times, but Christmas to me (at least after growing up) was never really about the gifts anyways. My son loves trains so I picked up a bunch of Thomas the Train track and buildings as well as engines and tenders. Can't wait to see him enjoying himself with his new toys. Will be great to finally have a good variety of toys in the house for him again too since when my wife left she took just about all of them.

    Now I just hope that we don't get dumped on with a bunch of snow on the eve. They aren't sure where it's going to all be headed yet and I have a good drive to reach my family where we are hosting Christmas celebrations.
  • mikedisd2mikedisd2 Posts: 1,096Registered Members
    I really just want my passport renewal to speed up so I can go to Singapore for a few days. Coming up to 2x years since my real holiday.
  • slinuxuzerslinuxuzer Posts: 649Registered Members
    Dear Santa, Please make president Obama pay more attention to the jobs problem!
  • chrisonechrisone Senior Member Posts: 1,758Registered Members ■■■■■■■□□□
    I spoiled myself with a CCNP this year and some heavy duty material to study for 2010 (See signature).

    I do need to buy myself something nice and shiny, though, but i have no money at the moment because i was paying off bills and helping others that were in bad economic situations. I was looking forward to a Christmas Bonus , but it never happened icon_sad.gif
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  • AhriakinAhriakin Posts: 1,800Moderators
    I'm off home to Ireland tomorrow (first vacation in 1.5 years, and the first Xmas home in 10) so the wife and I had ours on Saturday. Got a USB Blu-Ray player and a few movies to go with it (signed Kevin Smith Miramax collection being the highlight:) ), a Keurig coffee machine (should make the next IE easier...or at least tastier), some George Grie prints and a few other misc. things.

    ps. Transformers are still awesome, but Zoids....ah, I think I'll dig out my old ones when I get home...nostalgia or early senility, it won't really matter when Zoidzilla is stepping on Redhorn icon_wink.gif (blame being giddy about going home).
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  • veritas_libertasveritas_libertas Posts: 5,727Registered Members
    slinuxuzer wrote: »
    Dear Santa, Please make president Obama pay more attention to the jobs problem!

    Dear Santa, please make him go away! icon_cool.gif

    It's a paid holiday for me thankfully. I am looking forward to having three days away from the users, and IBM's repair service icon_wink.gif
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  • darkerosxxdarkerosxx Posts: 1,343Banned
    I bought myself a Series 7 shavers - Braun.

    I got married, bought a house, and went to Dublin, Ireland this year. I've gotten enough. I really didn't deserve the razor, but I shaved my beard and now my skin hurts using a blade! icon_wink.gif
  • Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Posts: 4,024Registered Members
    For the first time in about 8 years, I'll have christmas eve and christmas day off. Christmas Eve, I'll hit a couple of parties friends are throwing, christmas day will be spent with my family.

    Haven't decided what I'm going to be buying myself for xmas this year. May pop for a kindle DX, but I need to get my hands on a Nook to find out whether I want to delay my present into the new year
  • Divine-AssaultDivine-Assault Posts: 61Registered Members ■■□□□□□□□□
    For Christmas I would like to find a job, study, and to spend my time with the people I love. Even if those wishes don't come true, I will always love my life :)
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  • PashPash Posts: 1,601Registered Members
    Enjoyed my year more than the last, that's the most important thing.

    Looking to start a part time degree in last Q of 2010 and get my portfolio up and working for all of my gfx, drawings and what not!

    Most important part of 2009 will be going home on xmas eve this year, seeing my old mum and having some beers with my bro and then the huge family gathering on boxing day + all the xmas food :p

    I wish every single one of you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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  • bertiebbertieb Posts: 1,031Registered Members
    Pash wrote:
    I wish every single one of you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

    And the same to you fella, have a good one!

    No idea what I'm getting from the missus this year, she always spoils me rotten. I'll be more than happy sat with the missus and the dogs in front of the fire, drinking some nice scotch and letting a big fat turkey dinner go down.

    All the best folks and best wishes for 2010
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  • nelnel Posts: 2,859Registered Members
    God, i love this time of year. I look more forward to going home and spending time with family and friends. Plus eating and drinking my entire body weight in the space of a week!

    Going to the Sunderland V Everton football (or soccer for the americans) match on boxing day and going out on the razz all day! its tradition :D a few more nights out back home before heading back up to edinburgh with 10 mates for Hogmanay (new years)!

    Happy days!!

    Have a good xmas/new year everyone!
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