Citrix Client and Security

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Good People of TE,
We have a Citrix server here at work and I have very little experience with Citrix. It runs our ERP, Office Aps, and our DMS for remote users and people who might be working from home.

Last night I was working with a user who was having issues printing to the printer attached to the client PC. Issue solved; but as we were working I noticed the user was able to browse the entird C-drive of the server.

Well, that's just f'ing great. So my question is: "What are the minumum security requirements that a Citrix server should be held to?"



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    I don't work with Citrix very much either. I do know that our Citrix servers, at least some of them, were secured from such things as browsing local drives by some group policies that I had configured to hide drives and disable Windows Explorer and things like that.

    I wouldn't really mess with the actual NTFS permissions on the drive though.
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