Microsoft Security Essentials Ranks as Best-Performing Free Antivirus

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    Ive noticed that MSE will catch the "PC Antivirus 2008/2009/2010" crap in its tracks, whereas AVG, Avast, Panda enterprise, and Kaspersky never did a thing to it.

    I use it on all my personal machines, recomend it to others, and even put it on my work laptop before we updated our AV files to support windows 7.
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    This is the second independent AV test that rates Microsoft AV as the best-performing. I will have to try it out now! Although I am still skeptical on Microsoft's ability to effectively maintain a AV solution.

    **Personally I use Sophos & F-Secure.....and more recently Fortinet AV Client (Fast, Free and loaded with tons of features.)
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