How much of the CCENT exam is simulator-based?

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Simple question for those that took the CCENT:

How much of the exam is simulator-based?



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    Simple Answer -- The Cisco Non-Disclosure Agreement prevents anyone who's taken the exam from telling you. And the Cisco Candidate Conduct Policy prevents anyone else from telling what they've "heard."

    You should be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the topics listed in the exam blueprint for the exam -- and to demonstrate your skills performing any of the configure, verify, troubleshoot, implement, confirm tasks listed in the exam blueprint.

    Cisco will tell you how much time you have for the exam and the number of questions before you start the exam. If you don't spend more than 10 minutes on any one SIM question (or maybe 5 minutes on a SIMLET) and keep the other question types to around a minute each you should end the exam with lots of time on the clock.

    The more prepared you are and the more lab practice you have, the easier the exam will be.
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