Everyone's favorite message: Serial x/x is up, Line Protocol is Down

Agent6376Agent6376 Member Posts: 201
Just got my 3640 router in along with my NM-4A/S and NM-1FE1R2W, so I decided to give my first attempt at router on a stick. I previously had two 2501s connected back to back with my crossover serial cable with no issues. I'm now taking one of the 2501's and connecting it to the 3640 and I cannot seem to get an up/up.

Tried PPP and HDLC encapsulation (making sure that both routers were using the same encapsulation), no dice. When I do a debug ppp packet, each router sends LCP messages, but does not receive them. Am I missing something here, or should I talk to the ebay seller I got this from? Thanks!


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