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I was playing with my routers and switches, and then I tried the following things.

I have a

router A

I connected to router_A with a console cable.

Then I used telnet to get into router_B.

And after that from router_B I got into switch_S.

Then from that screen, I pressed (CTRL+SHIFT+6)->x. So it brought me to router_A, because that was my root terminal.

Here if I do the sh session command I can see there is only one suspended session which is for router_B's ip address. So, now if I press
Enter it moves back to the switch_S screen.

All these seem really confusing.

Why does it show the suspended telnet session is for router_B, and then moves to the switch_S. I guess that's because switch_S's session was open.

So, how would I get back to the router_B's session, not the router_A.
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