Forgot how much fun...

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... cisco is!

I haven't touched anything Cisco related in close to a year. I've been aching to get back into this stuff so i've been playing with some topologies with dnygen/GNS3. I'm not really sure what i'm going to do with this yet but its temporarily just running EIGRP. If i had my BSCI book or Routing TCP/IP i'd of probably done something funner. Originally this was going to have a total of nine routers but that put my CPU at 100% (Time to add another quadcore? :d ). I'll probably set up my other computer/server to run as a second hypervisor for access routers (which will then connect to VMware hosts and so on)

Any suggestions as to what kind of fun things i should do from here?

massive screenshot:
Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

In Progress: 70-640, 70-685


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