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Alright so I'm talking to someone I know and they want to know if it's possible to get an ip address from the US while they're living in Germany? I have no clue on this. I'm told that they can't watch US tv shows in Germany. The company is called TKS and I'm told that they provide service to all Americans on base. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    If you can convince ARIN to assign you a netblock with a US address and then get that routed over to where ever in Germany then sure. The easier option would be to use a proxy or VPN server in the US to bounce their connection off.
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    I have a friend stationed in Germany and he purchased a slingbox which I have set up in my house for him. He paid me a little bit to cover the additional cost of an additional cable box and it works great.

    He and his wife watch whatever they want and can record up to two channels at a time via the DVR. That is probably the best solution.
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    I use proxy's based in the uk when I'm travelling to do this. Plenty of free ones around if you take a look.
    I'm also toying around with a secure soloution but havent had time to investigate it further to see what I'd get for the money.
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