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Hi All

It has been tossed around as a possibility of sending me to Networkers in June. I was curious what some of the experiences have been. I would be going as a way of looking at some new stuff, but mostly brushing up on Unified Comm. stuff and looking to sit on on some classes or some such. Would this entail extra fees? What are your thoughts?



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    Back when I was an employee I'd go to any industry/vendor event I could get too (especially if work was paying).

    But since I became a contractor, I only go when I'm not currently working a contract and it's relevant to something I need to know or learn -- and it's on my dime and my time.

    That said -- I do the online version of CiscoLive/Networkers (and watch the presentations when they're posted). You miss out on the face-to-face networking and meet-and-greet opportunities, but the information is priceless. I've even watched some of the same "classic" presentations over the last few years (and compared the PDFs) just for the "new stuff" that may have been added or to get a "feel" for a possible shift in "Cisco focus."

    Definitely worth it if work pays!! icon_thumright.gif And if work doesn't send you, it could still be worth the $400 (or so) for the online access (for 1 year).
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    On a related note, I'm kind of stoked that NANOG is holding a meeting in Atlanta this year. Travel expenses have always prevented me from partaking, since it'd all be on my dime (work is a bunch of cheap bastards), but since I'm local, I'll definitely be going.
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