CISSP Booked for May 8th UK - Any tips?

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Hi Everyone,

I finally booked my exam for May 8th. I am self studying and am currently going through the Shon Harris DVD's. I also have a copy of the CISSP All in one Guide 5th Edition.

I am not working at the moment so study a good few hours, maybe more.

Has anyone got any tips for when they took the exam and what prep they did?

My background is Network Security Architecture and Engineering.

My plan for the moment is, go through the DVD's, go through the book and then do lots of questions for about 2 weeks.

Please let me know if this is a good/bad idea.




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    Thanks James,
    Much appreciated. How useful did you find the Shon Harris DVD's? Also, I am a little weak in UNIX, do you think I need to brush up on this at all for the exam?
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    I only viewed excerpts from the DVDs, but they looked and sounded good. The information was presented at a fast pace and there was a lot of material covered. It must have been a low budget production, because there were some obvious slips and errors that should have been re-takes, over-dubbed, or just edited out, but they weren't.

    The CISSP and SSCP aren't suppose to be vendor specific, but there is the occasional exam item where knowing something about Windows or UNIX can be helpful. If you know nothing about UNIX or Linux, it wouldn't hurt to run through a "UNIX for beginners" book just so you understand user authentication, file system access, and basic networking and security. The same is true for Windows. I wouldn't spend a great deal of time on it.
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    I found the dvd to be quite good, but I like cbts icon_smile.gif As JD as said there are a couple of error in there but nothing to worry about.

    I'm not particularly strong on unix either (or windows that much these days) and would agree a quick read through a basic unix book to get the overview would be useful, but not essential.

    The AIO by Shon Harris is such a good book. icon_smile.gif
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    select 250 questions from all CBOK areas
    make sure you can answer 80%+
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    Thanks for your responses. I'll keep you posted with my progress.
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