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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask a couple questions of people who have taken the 70-271 exam for MCDST. I am using the Microsoft Press Self Paced Training Kit for this exam, but it was last updated in 2006.

I've been using the Readiness Review Suite and doing the practice tests. I've gone through all the 311 questions in all sections, and studied up on the ones I missed. I have since retaken the exams in certification mode about 10 times and managed a 90% or better each time. I haven't used any other materials to study for the exam, but I'm scheduled to take it tomorrow, so I wanted to know if anyone else used the microsoft press books exclusively, and how it affected their exam.


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    If you are getting 90% on those you'll be fine.

    All the best :)
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    Alright.. Sweet!

    I'll let you know how it goes!

    Thanks for your help!
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    Passed the 70-271 exam this morning with an 833. I've got to say though, to anyone else who may be using the Microsoft Press Self-Paced training kits: They're very useful tools.

    Realistically, the Microsoft Readiness Review test suite's most effective feature is acclimating you with the testing process, and the way they structure the questions. I didn't find more than a handful of questions on the actual exam that I felt the MRR suite really prepared me for, though I think the Microsoft Press books were very helpful. As long as you read the book, and understand the information, you'll do well.

    While I didn't read the entire book for 70-271, I've worked in IT support, and specifically desktop support for the past 3 or 4 years, and knew a lot of the information here already. While from a practical aspect, I consider myself a desktop support expert, knowing the book/test answers in a certification exam environment, I considered it very necessary to do some studying.

    Basically, the format I followed was this:

    Using the MCDST Self Paced Training Kit & Microsoft Readiness Review Suite, I did all practice tests for each section in the Exam Objective practice tests, then compiled a list of all the questions I got wrong. I would then read those specific sections of the book, and retake the exam (all questions). If I got any of them wrong again, I would read the explanation the MRR suite provided, and then retake the test again. Usually, I wouldn't get the question wrong again.

    I then performed the same task with the Practice Tests section. The major difference I noticed between these was the style of the questions. Exam Objectives had only multiple choice, while the Practice Tests had point and click and Step Select (select steps in the right order).

    Then when I was finished with that, I just took practice tests in Certification mode. Once I was able to get 90% or better three times in a row, I felt confident enough to schedule my exam.

    Total study time for me was about a week. Reading was handy and easy though, as I downloaded the 70-271 Self Paced Training e-book app on my iPhone. Very handy. The other benefit is that the program was only $9.99 for the e-book, and I was able to download the CD contents from the O'Reilly press website. Sure beats $49.99+ for the actual book. The only downside is the lack of trial-software that is usually included with the book.

    Anyway, sorry for the long explanation here, but I wanted to give as good of a review for the Microsoft Press books as I could, in case anyone else was thinking of using them.
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