About to take Core exam.

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Great site. I have passed it on to all my buddies.

I'm about ready to take the Core exam. I just came from the Comptia website and got a little nervous. I am confident that I will pass the Core exam with all the good info off of this site and from my studies. I probably won't be ready for the OS exam until later this year. I would be grateful for anyone to explain to me if the revised tests are going to be in adaptive mode and if my Core test will still be valid. Also are there going to be more than 20-30 questions on the revised test.

Thanks for your input in advance.


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    i think i read that the new objectives will be tested in non-adaptive format. the network+ is non-adaptive and is about 75 questions - expect non-adaptive a+ exams to be the same.

    i read that exams base on present objectives can be mixed with exams on the next objectives ;)
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    Dont worry your self to much, i just sat it. Their is 20 to 30 questions. The questions i was asked where very basic. The best advice i can give you is take your time and read the questions properly. Usally any questions you get you can always eliminate at least 2 answers.
    good luck.
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