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... I burned some files on a CD or DVD and sent it to a customer. Now the customer says that the file names have changed to something else, so burned it again and it happened again. So I burned the same files and tried it on another computer at work and the file names appear to be just as it is supposed to be.
E.g. I burned say, some jpegs and the file name is abc_123.jpeg. When the customer opens it on his computer the file name is 789.jpeg but the file is what it is supposed to be just the file name is changed. The only problem is there are around 300 or so files and the customer is having trouble going through each and every file to determine the one that he wants to work on.
Also, he is working on Windows and not any other system.
Has anybody run into such problems? Anybody have any insight?

Thank you.


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    So you burn it and it look fine on your computer on the dvd. All file names are fine then when he puts it into his computer the file names are different? Lol? Did you ask them to take a screenshot and send it to you for proof? Seriously lol that sounds dumb. File names don't just randomly change from one computer to the next as far as I know. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
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    That is exactly what I tried to tell him but in a different way and I think he got a little ticked off. If I tell him to take a screen shot and send it to me, I am pretty sure he will want his money back. The only problem is that he has already paid us and so I am trying to make him happy and not make him feel as if he is doing something wrong.
    I also confirmed that he is using the same CDs that I sent him and not any random ones because when he opens a file the information is there.
    This is boggling me.
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    This can be caused by CD recording software. CDs can have one or more file systems, and they each have their own file naming requirements. If the file names of the files you add to the CD don't conform to the requirements, the software will change them for that particular file system (and not necessarily others).

    Different versions of Windows support different file systems, so the problem may be that the file system you are seeing when you load the CD on your PC is not the same file system the customer is seeing.

    CD recording software may or may not give you control over the file system settings. The software I use and recommend that is ImgBurn. It's free and gives you a lot of control over the file systems that are used and let's you modify the file name requirements. If you want to keep using whatever you are using now, I'd recommend changing the file names to use 8.3 format. It's unlikely that any CD recording software will have to mange 8.3 file names.

    Different CD recording programs will change the names in different ways. If you want to view the files as they appear under each file system, you can use IsoBuster. A free demo is available. Here's a sample screenshot that shows the file names of the files in an ISO (created with ImgBurn) with each file system:
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    What is he viewing the filenames through, make sure it's just plain old Explorer.
    We responded to the Year 2000 issue with "Y2K" solutions...isn't this the kind of thinking that got us into trouble in the first place?
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