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Anyone have any experience with this? My situation went like this,

Got a 3745 Router with c3745-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.124-9.T.bin. Installed a NME-CUE with 3.1.1 software installed. This is not listed as compatible here
Cisco Unity Express Compatibility Matrix [Cisco Unity Express] - Cisco Systems
However, I was able to get voicemail working. I couldn't get the AutoAttendent to work or the AVT.
I tried to do a factory reset. That failed. Lost 3.1.1 image. Couldn't download it and the system was practically useless now.

I managed to get 7.1.1 and installed that and using the same config on the router, the voice mail wouldn't work (only get a busy signal now).

The only thing is, which may be the cause of the problem, is that I don't have a license file installed for 7.1.5. I was able to issue a command to activate a license (not sure what license though) and I can create mailboxes now(where before the license command I couldn't) so I don't think that may be the real issue.

Any ideas?

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Actually after reading some more, it looks like the new CSL (cisco software licensing). Buying the hardware just isn't enough these days icon_sad.gif (I got it from ebay).
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