Internet keeps going down

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I have this Office clerk who's internet connection keeps going down spontaneously. I thought it might of been the port on the switch so I switched her to another port and configured the port to autoneg and her NIC also. about 1 hr later she calls that her connection is down again. If you /release /renew her ip she is fine until 30 min - 1 hr later it goes down again. I looked at her logs and the only log I keep seeing that happens around those times is an event id : 7023, service control manager. It says the Computer browser service terminated with the following error: This operation returned because the timeout period expired. I tried searching google and came to this place that said it might be the firewall.. So normally here we keep windows firewall off, i looked at hers and it was up so I tried restarting it but had an ICS restart problem, however I ran the patch that we have here for that, and was able to turn it off. After a while the same happened again, her connection went down. I am also noticing that everytime the connection goes down the computer itself will hang and be very slow, opening anything from my computer to the browser, until you /release /renew again and it speeds up just fine. Any advice would be highly appreciated.


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    Well it's not the firewall because she does get connection for 30 minutes to an hour. So scratch that off the list. If everyone else on the switch is fine and you changed her port and it still is not working I would switch where she plugs in. It could be the wire leading from her wall to the switch is bad and randomly dropping packets. Ive seen that before. Maybe see if you can switch which wall port she plugs into temporarily and if that fixes the problem you will have to check that wire. I mean another way to do that is do a ping -t on her ip and see if it's dropping packets.

    I would say it's one of two things A) the cable or B) the switch.

    Easiest to start with the most basic so change her cable.
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    Hey lox thanks for the advice but before going and trying the physical ethernet line, I tried giving her a new NIC and so far its been going strong since yesturday, seems like the NIC took a hit. hope someone finds this helpful!
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    What is the switch on the port and NIC duplex set to? Full, half or auto? Sometimes this can be an issue.
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    garv, before i switched the nic i put both port and nic to auto- didnt work. then i tried both at 100 mb full, didnt work. so im guessing the NIC is bad.
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