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To any and all IT pros, I would like your thoughts, opinions, preferences when it comes to imaging and the RAPID deployment of operating systems to bare metal machines.

Previously, I have found Acronis Snap Deploy to be an excellent, fast, quick and easy solution. Course, the drawback is companies have to pay extra licensing fees. Now, that Microsoft introduced WDS, ImageX, AIK, etc. SUPPOSEDLY... we now have a quick, easy and FREE way to rapidly deploy. Well, going through the tutorials on I am finding the whole process slow, laborious and tedious. Make a Win PE cd. Sysprep master computer, boot with Win PE cd image and save .wim file to master hard disk. Copy 2.5 GB file over network to server. Boot destination computer. Copy 2.5 GB file over network to target, then apply using all these archaic commands and still using diskpart to partition and format??? This is not very automated to me. Granted, I haven't got to the part where we, hopefully, let WDS do most of the work. Given all pros and cons, what would you use for deploying? And have I not given WDS a fair shake yet?
Thank you.
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