Expecting pay in 2015?

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I'm only 16 right now. Where do you guys think the IT field is heading? How much do you guys think I can expect to make?


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    It probably won't be much different then what it is now. Pay in the IT world has only gone down over recent years but it'll probably hold steady at around where it's at for the next five years. Of course I'd love to see an increase, just like many others probably would as well.
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    timespace wrote: »
    How much do you guys think I can expect to make?

    Skies the limit if you're willing to invest time into studies. Know your line of focus, network with the right people and with luck it could be 5 years of unbelievable work experience on your resume. Aged 21 you could well be on your way, never looking back. Just don't forget to study.
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    Too much to factor in that to guesstimate what you would make in 5 years in IT. Helpdesk? Not much more than 12-15 a hour to start, depending on your area. If you live in a smaller area the pay will be lower, but if you live in NYC or another expensive city to live in you may make 20 a hour to start. Also depends on the position you start at and work up in also.

    I would expect it to be higher than it is now, unless the field gets flooded even more. But there are too many variables to factor in.
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