CCENT Passed 914

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Yah I am now CCENT certified I look foward to taking the ICND2 exam. Here is the material I used to study for the test.

1) Wendell Odom Official Exam Certification Guide - This is a great book while the layout is kinda dry all the information is there and using the "Do I already know this?" section of this book offer another great set of questions to study.

2) The Boson practice test that came with this book - Some say this practice test is harder than the real exam but trust me they are equally hard :) Use this test and study it good you will learn a lot if you read the reasons for the answers.

3) Train signals video's - These are great videos that really hit subnetting so I understood it.

4) This site with all of its resources and great threads.

If you are going to take the ICND1 exam please do not take it lightly this is not your run of the mill entry-level test, you really need to understand networking concepts in detail. Thanks again to everyone at this site!!!!


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    congrats nice score! good luck with your icnd2 studies. keep us posted.
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    Congrats man!! :)
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif

    Good Luck with your ICND2 studies icon_study.gif
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    Congrats! I'm a little surprised you thought the Boson test was equally hard. I thought the Boson test was much, much harder than the real deal.
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    congratulations, victory!
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    Congrats man, good luck for ICND2, I must tell you my friend passed ICND2 last month asn says it is much easier than ICND1.
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    Congrats man!! Study hard for the ICND2 and you'll be good to go.
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