EIGRP configuration ip address

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I'm doing the EIGRP config simulator.

I'm a bit confused on which ip address I need to input when configuring the EIGRP....icon_sad.gif

I understand the following:


Do you put in the network # for a specific subnet as the X.X.X.X ? I can't quite grasp it.....
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  • burbankmarcburbankmarc Member Posts: 460
    Yes, you put in the network number. So say your subnet is for you would put in If you want to break it down you would need to add the wildcard mask. So say you wanted the network you would use:

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    All the network command does is tell EIGRP which interface to run on. It doesn't have to be the network address.

    I always use the form to be as precise as possible. It also cuts down on network statement errors since its the exact address of one of the interfaces on the router.
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    Just to add to that, In the cisco press book it also states that if you don't put in a wildcard mask it works like RIP and uses the classful network of whatever IP address you use.
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