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I have been in IT field for more than 10 years.
2002-2009 , 7 years I was working in the middle-east as Network Engineer. In those 7 years, first two years I worked for, let us say, Company A, and then the next 5 years for Company B. I resigned the job to concentrate on information security career path.

In Company A , I was reporting to a person, who is no longer with them. And it was a small company, they didn't have proper HR Management system.

In Company B , I held 3 positions, however my job responsibilities were same, just the title changes , that too I was just told by my Boss. So, I don't have any proper records or data about when the company changed my title etc ... They were playing with employee titles coz of some labor law issues or Corporate governance structure changes or I am not sure, something we are not fully aware of ... Anyways, my issue here is, When I sent my CV to ISC2 , I just mention those 3 titles without giving details about how long I held all those 3 positions .. How could I ? . . So, they sent me back saying that, I am selected for Auditing and they need details about each positions I held in that company , FROM - TO and duties separately ..

My duties and responsibilities were same in those 5 years .. Should I explain this to ISC2 , or what should be the best I could do here ...

I don't want to be a victim of the way Company A and Company B worked and treated their employees... or the way they handled it...

Passing exam wasn't tough, this process is frustrating ... I have got more experience than ISC2's requirements, but still unable to convince them.

Please I badly need some advise.

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    This is exactly the type of situation the (ISC)2 is hoping to avoid by having certification candidates supply their own endorser. Having someone with a (ISC)2 cert that worked with you and can vouch for your CISSP CBK domain experience would expedite your endorsement process greatly.

    Without an endorser, what the (ISC)2 needs from you is a detailed resume, the same as you would post on dice.com or submit to any prospective employer. The (ISC)2 (or any hiring manager would) needs the names of the businesses you worked for, the dates you were there, your job title(s) and description(s), and the name of your manager(s). References may also be asked for in the form of contact information for (at least) three people who worked with you, at least one being your manager.

    Meeting these requirements can be tough if there has been a large reorganization in your former company, you never kept in touch with former co-workers, or a company you worked for it out of business. (I have all three of these situations on my resume.) In such cases, you will need to work to meet the needs of the (ISC)2--or any prospective employer--the best you can.
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