290 and 291

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Currently on my MCSA track, wanted to know how difficult is it to pass these two exams without any hands on experience. Would books and practice tests and some virtualization be enough to pass these two?



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    It would be best to at least lab the 291. It's no slouch of a test and you would already be set up ( lab environment ) for 293/294 if you continue on to MCSE. I didn't lab for 290 and passed, did lab for 291 and don't think I would have passed if I didn't. Use Wedge's notes and hopefully you have hands on experience.
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    I would definitely lab up for the 291, 293. Those exams cover A LOT of material, it will helps on any sims you may have as well. MS questions are notoriously vague and I have found it very helpful to be able to walk through configurations in my mind.
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