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I have heard that LinkedIn is a good source for finding work has anyone ever had any success finding work on there? Since I recently earned my MCITP EA I'm on a job hunt to find a position to utilize my new skills. My current company is not showing signs of growth any time soon so it might be time to leave.I'm in the Houston TX area if anyone in this area knows of any places hiring for any network or systems admins.


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    I've heard it can be, but have never seen something come up. Get active in groups, get a lot of connections (if you can, you should avoid adding people just to add people.) Set your profile so people know that you are open to requests, and see what happens.
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    It can be, but it really depends on the area you live in and who's onl within that area. If you don't have a lot of businesses posting on then obviously you'll be better off going with the usual,, etc. for your job search. But it wouldn't hurt to at least look them over, is just another resource at your disposal if you're looking to job hunt.
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    yeah I heard linkedin is good but it seems like a waste from what I can tell
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    texasit wrote: »
    yeah I heard linkedin is good but it seems like a waste from what I can tell

    To me, it can be like facebook for business related stuff sometimes. I tend to use it as more of a resume hosting service and contact manager.
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    I had a recruiter contact me out of the blue via LinkedIn a few years ago for a sysadmin position that was a slightly closer commute along the same route I already took. Coincidentally, I was actually thinking of moving on from my position at the time. I did a phone interview with the hiring manager, but ultimately it wasn't a good fit for either of us.

    Other than that, it's been pretty quiet.
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    I've gotten a few interviews from the job postings on LinkedIn. Even had one company's recruiter call me from seeing my profile on there. I didnt get any of the jobs, but it is possible to get employment from stuff on LinkedIn.
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    hmm I guess I better improve my linkedin profile then.
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    To me, LinkedIn isn't the "mecca" of landing a job but it may be one of the best passive tools out there if you have a little experience to show and some contacts to create a network.
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