Credit Check for HR Block Hiring Process?

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I got a phone call about a position I applied like 45 days ago was on Missouri career source, and she said it's required to do background check and Credit check, and when I asked why credit check, she said because I will work with HR Block and will know their SS and Visa numbers. And she sent me an assessment through [email protected]

Is it true some companies will do a credit check as part of the hiring process or could it be a scam?

Here is the job description:

Digital Tech Support
Agents providing product support for TaxCut Online amp; TaxCut Software products via inbound voice amp; chatSupport Boundaries are listed below but are not limited to the following:1. Pre-sales, such as How do I purchase? Product features, costs, order processing and refunds 2. Install, such as How to MSCONFIG, disable firewalls, antivirus software, etc3. Uninstall, such as How to uninstall, what is not removed when installed. 4. Update, such as auto update, manual product update, unable to connect to update server5. Use/Navigation, such as helping the customer with ease of use, etc6. Calculation, such as locating where a number is calculated from linkage of form information transfers, understanding of calculation claim guarantee qualifications and process 7. Final Error Check, such as explaining the error, locating the error, troubleshooting and resolving error messages, etc.
Pay: $13.00 hr
HR Block


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    Yes some companies do check credit. A few that come to mind are banks and anything financial plus anything requiring a government security clearance. The main reason behind this to ensure that the applicant is not in dire financial straits which may make him/her susceptible to selling information or performing a negative act that could compromise data or client confidentiality.
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