Security+ passed

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Passed with a 841/900 today, was much harder than i thought it would be. The wording of the questions threw me a few times and some of the stuff on virtualisation, SSH, and some other stuff like runaway process that wasn't in any of the study material i used.

I used Darrils book, Sybex book and CBT nuggets. I have no experience and studied for about 2 and half months. (would of took it bit earlier but couldn't afford to waste £200 on retake so had to make sure)

Looking at CCENT and CCNA next but might wait a bit in case the rumours about the upcoming syllabus change are true.


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    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    Congrats. How what material did you use?

    If you do the CCNA, I suggest doing the CCNA:S as well. There is a big overlap between CCNA:S and S+. I think they compliment each other nicely.
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    I used Darrils, sybex book and cbt nuggets. Did comptia practice exam off their website, few off proprofs, and from the books.

    The exam was harder than all of them imo. Normally on the practice exams you have a lot of easy questions relating to MAC, DAC, RBAC etc, cold sites, hot sites, warm sites etc think i only had one question on them.

    I was looking at doing the cisco route next but my main target now is to trying to get a job. I would ultimately like to do CCENT > CCNA > CCNA security > CCNA Voice > CCNP. Need the experience the most now though :D
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    Congrats man! Nice path!!

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