Woohoo! Carpe Diem! CCNA!

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I passed with an 890!

I was REALLY nervous going in. I'd grabbed an expiring voucher, saving $30, but that ended up with me having to schedule before I felt I was completely ready. Between the nerves and the heat today my stomach was all in knots.

My thoughts on the test: I found the test to actually be quite a bit easier than the ICND1, despite feeling I was less prepared this time. I was surprised by the number of questions and the corresponding decrease in time allotted! (as always your mileage may vary). I ended up having to skip one sim as I was nearing the 10-minute mark and hadn't yet found all that needed done, and was running low on time with several questions left. I chose to skip it in case another sim came up, but of course I didn't (figures), and ended with 5-10 minutes remaining.

PS: I think I've been vague enough that there shouldn't be an NDA-issue. If anyone feels otherwise let me know and I'll edit accordingly.

Otherwise, for now...... icon_cheers.gif
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    congrats! :)
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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    bermovick wrote: »
    Between the nerves and the heat today my stomach was all in knots.

    On my first test day I ended up walking around the (big) building in a black suite (as I like to dress up for my exams...) when it was hitting near 100 outside. That didn't make my nerves calm down at all!

    The grade, however, did! And I'm sure you feel the same! Congrats!
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    excellent work!
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    Congrats man!
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    Congrats!! :) keep on going
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    Awesome work man. :D

    A lot of people say that their ICND2 exam seems easier than the ICND1, so I'll have to see if that's the case for myself.
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    Way to seize the carp icon_thumright.gif
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    Great job!! congrats.
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    i'm suprised you haven't added ccna already to your list in your profile.

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    CONGRATS!!!! Good luck in your future studies...

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    Stigmatas wrote: »
    i'm suprised you haven't added ccna already to your list in your profile.

    I'm actually waiting until it's 'official' on Cisco's site; I'll grab my new logo and update it all. I think last time I just snagged someone else's CCENT avatar & used it but this time I'm using my own.
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    Congratulations!! Woohoo :) I take that test again in September. I failed it once.

    Feels good doesn't it?
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    congratulations. I know you asked a lot of questions on here and also tried to help others with theirs.

    Nice to see all the hard work you put in pay off for you!
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