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Hey guys,

Pretty new to the Cisco certification scene. I've been in IT support for the past 3 years and have had some experience with Cisco routers. This included troubleshooting connectivity, pinging IP addresses, dropping filters checking for switches and IP traffic. I started looking into Network+ actually reading some of the stuff to try to get the vocabulary down, even though most of the stuff on there I pretty much do without really knowing it. My question is, am I wasting my time studying the Network+ for a cert. or should I just go for the CCENT/CCNA cert?



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    Hi Jr.

    I am in the same boat you are and was asking myself the same thing. I searched this forum and I came to the conclusion if I wanted to get a cert quick go for the network+ but if I wanted to get something that held more weight but might take longer go for ccent and then ccna. So I am going for the ccent right now just finished reading wendell odom's icnd1 book and watched all the cbt nugget videos and am beginning to watch trainsignal and working the labs.
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    You don't have to get the Network+ but it doesn't hurt to get it. I've seen jobs that require it and reconmend it. CCNA material and Network+ material will cover some of the same things such as what a router, switch, or hub is and different things such as some troubleshooting for frame relay (ccna) and connection types (network+)
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    If you're still trying to learn the vocabulary then it's probably worth the extra time and effort (and high exam cost) to do the Network+ first (by the end of the year so it's a "life-time" certification).

    If you're motivated -- and have some advancement opportunities where you're at to use CCNA skills & knowledge down the road -- then you might risk jumping straight to the Cisco CCENT and then CCNA (and use the money you save skipping the Network+ to build a home CCNA Lab).
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