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I have a network printer on a 2003 server I just added a couple of weeks ago. The issue is the following and i am dumbfounded by it. I am able to print to the printer from my pc or any other pc as long as I am logged in as a domain admin.... now when I try to print to the printer as a regular user I am not able to print and the job just stays on the queue. If you try and cancel the job it will stay at deleting for days, and unless you kill the print spooler service on the printer it will not delete it. Now I have tried adding a specific user to the security on the printer and giving them all access to it and printing but it will do nothing. I have used tracert to make sure the other pc's are going to the printer and i have pinged it and it all works fine. Its just when I try printing from another user not classified as a domain admin that it will not work.

help pleaseeeeeeee!


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    have you checked the users to make sure they have printing roles and or have you checked the permissions on the shared printers for proper roles ... it sounds like to me a role issue not as much as a network or physical error

    also ive found using cups on linux works as a nice print server/spooler
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    Check the ACL for the printer, give Everyone/Anonymous groups "Print and manage" permission to see if it resolves the problem. And then work from that point on to secure the ACL for the printer.
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    Grant users permission for PRINT

    Grant CREATOR/OWNER permission for MANAGE print jobs (which its probably already set to)

    You don't want other users deleting other peoples print jobs.
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    That has all been checked already, the ACl is correct and i even compared it to other printers. Users have access to print etc etc.... Also it can't be the User account roles because the users can print fine to other network printers.
  • ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    Have you made sure the driver is installing correctly? Is this a different model than your other printers?

    What shows up in the event logs on the client PC?
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    You could also try installing it as a local printer instead of network printer to see if the problem is with the share or not.

    For stuff like that, I have found that deleting the network printer off the server, and recreating it is about all you can do after you check all the obvious.
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