Router killing modules?

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I think I have a serial killer 2620 on my hands, but I don't have a ton of hardware experience and would like the opinion of others. Here's the story:

I bought a 2620 with an NM-4A/S and WIC-1T for a good price on eBay. I get the thing in the mail and power it up. One ethernet port is dead and the NM-4A/S causes the router to continuously reboot and give a "watchdog error". Pull the module out and the router works fine (aside from the dead ethernet port).

This wasn't a big deal because the seller refunded half of my purchase price due to the dead module.

So, I get online and buy another NM-4A/S. It comes in the mail the other day and I pop it in the shady 2620. I connect it to a WIC-1T on another router and boot both up. I get the config on both ends and the link shows up/down. I troubleshoot for a while but never get it to come up. I reboot the router......and get a "watchdog error" with continuous reboot. I tried the module in 2 other routers and never got any to boot. They all went into the same loop with the "watchdog error".

I saw that module boot ONE time in the suspect router and now it causes a loop in any box I insert it. Is this a common occurrence with bad routers? Have you ever seen one kill multiple cards? I've sent the latest NM-4A/S back under warranty, but when I get the replacement I gaurantee it won't go in that 2620.
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