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My work just gave me a 857W because someone had ordered the wrong one, and it sat in the back for way past the return date. icon_cheers.gif

Unfortunatly the WAN port is ADSLoPOTS and I use cable. icon_cry.gif

Short of getting DSL - is there anyway to work around this?

I was thinking about selling it on ebay and trying to pick up an 871W... icon_neutral.gif



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    I'm not sure on the equipment used over there for cable (and it doesn't help I work for an ISP which doesn't provide cable, only ADSL / FTTH).

    Do you have a cable modem which authenticates on its own, or is it required to be bridged to something else which initiates PPP?

    I believe the 857W has a 4-port switch interface, so if the modem handles everything else I would probably just connect the two, not configure much on the Cisco and set the modem as the default gateway for hosts.

    I have a similar setup - a Cisco 877 which connects to ADSL, provides NAT and DHCP, etc. Connected to the 877 I have a Billion 7401VGP which is a modem/router with a 4-port switch itself, and I have it sitting there basically as a dumb switch.

    Otherwise I'd probably bridge the modem to the Cisco and let it handle PPP etc. I've been trying to do the same thing with no luck, maybe I'm going about it the wrong way.

    Maybe someone can spot what I'm doing wrong. :P

    I let the Billion modem gain sync, set it to bridge mode. Connected the 877 to it, and applied the following config:

    (FastEthernet 2 on the 877's 4-port switch connects to the Billion modem/router)
    interface FastEthernet2
     pppoe enable
     pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
    interface Dialer0
     ip address negotiated
     ip mtu 1460
     ip nat outside
     ip virtual-reassembly
     encapsulation ppp
     ip tcp adjust-mss 1420
     dialer pool 1
     dialer-group 1
     ppp chap hostname <removed>
     ppp chap password <removed>
    It won't authenticate. Even running debugs I don't see much happening, so I think I'm missing something critical here.
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