How to study for the CCNA?

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I've read several books on it. I've got notes, this Forum, GNS3, Sybex Virtual Lab, and test engines.

Now with that said... CCNA seems to be much more in depth on specific topics than CCENT. So right now I'm struggling over HOW do I study for this Exam? It's seems very in depth on the specified topics that I'm getting frustrated on how to study for it.

Particularly ACL's, STP, VLANs & IPv6.


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    one of the things i remember when studying for this exam was how motivated i had to make myself to keep hitting the topics over and over and over and over until they became natural. the biggest help was using multiple study resources (books, video training, etc...) and different methods (labbing up scenarios, making flash cards, etc....).

    the fact you identified weak areas is a good sign. just keep hitting those areas over and over and over until they become natural like the other topics.
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    Studying for the exam and knowing the real world stuff is a bit different.

    You can read books and flash cards and stuff for the exam and pass it however a CCNA in the real world is expected how to do router/switch configuration in which case you'll need hands on experience and lab time which back up your understanding the technologies learned from the books and flash cards.

    For lab practice visit Free CCNA Workbook
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