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Hello everyone :)

I'm studying for my ICND2 test and I 'm not feeling confident about the difference between an IPv6 anycast address and an IPv6 multicast address.

In IPv4 it was simple : an unicast address sends packets to one specific device with one specific address,and a multicast sends a packet to every member of a group.

Now,my question is where packets are sent when using a unicast IPv6 address and where the packets are sent when using an IPv6 multicast address?Both,are "groups of specific devices" but what is the difference between those "groups"? :)

Any explanation /example will help !

Thanks in advance !
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    Like yourself i'm not 100% on IPv6, but I think the difference is that multicast goes to all interfaces in the group but anycast goes to the first interface it finds and no one else.

    I could be wrong so please correct me if I am.
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    I believe it has to do with "list of IPs -- whichever it hits first". At least thats how I understood it.
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    WillTech105,mark_s0 thanks for giving me a clue :)
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    Yeah, it is correct as above, anycast is to the nearest in the group, multicast is to all in the group.
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