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Just passed today and glad its out of the way now as I wanted to renew my CCNA to enable me to keep my options open for engaging in other Cisco exam paths without first needing to redo CCNA INTRO+ICND all over again.

In all honesty wasn't feeling that confident going into the exam and expected it to be a dress-rehearsal needing a resit in a few weeks' time before my CCNA expired. Apart from 3-4 Sim-type exam questions each which took me about 7-10 minutes to complete, the remainder of the questions were pretty straightforward and didn't require much dwelling on, and just as well since there were 60 questions in total and only 70 minutes allowed.

Studied on and off over period of around 3-4 months using mainly the IISN Self-study guide (Paquet), Dynagen, the CCNA Security Lab Manual (Cisco Press), and obviously the Exam Blueprint on Cisco's website.


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