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Hi, im new to this whole Virtual Machine stuff, so im not having much luck at all.

I have one VM with Windows Server 2008 on it and another with Vista Business

All i want to do is get the 2 talking to each other so i can add the Vista machine to the domain.

I have looked everywhere, but havent had much luck... icon_sad.gif



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    I can help you with this one, I use VirtualBox for all of my 2008 labs.

    You'll have to make sure you're working with both VB machines in host-only (change to it via the VB network settings for each machine) after that just assign static IP addresses for both making sure that they both have the same subnet. The default gateway as far as I can tell can be anything, but for example I always use the number 1 machine (for example would be my default gateway in a 10.10.1 subnet). Of course your 2008 server that's a domain will be listed as the DNS server in the static IP.

    Once those settings are set you should have no problem joining your Vista machine or any other machine you might run for that matter to the 2008 domain.
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    thanks heaps mate, worked a treat.
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