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It is always written in books particularly CCNA books that leased lines are used for connecting sites. My question is can I use leased line on our single office just for internet use only. For now, we are connected through DSL with 4Mbps. One ISP ask me if I want to change it to leased line to have much faster internet. For me, DSL is already ok because we are not hosting any web server but just e-mail system. But since our Managers are always complaining of slow internet connection, and our managers will agree on leased line connection.What do you think on this guys? What is the advantages and disadvantages of using leased line on single site aside from cost?


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    Aren't leased lines terribly expensive because of the low contention rates? I.e. you get 1:1 which is fine, but overkill for Internet access.

    How much e-mail traffic are you dealing with? One low cost solution would be to get a second DSL line, leave the e-mail server on your original DSL line, the move all web access onto the second one.
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    Thanks, gorebush. In the location of where I am now, we are paying 4Mbps DSL for 800 USD per month. The guy from Telco tell us that they will give us the leased line of 1 is to 4 or 1 is to 10 for only 1000 USD per month. For a 200 USD difference, I am tempted to get the leased line.
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    Roughly how many people are in the office? What would your return on investment be other than speed? Is productivity hindered by the current DSL line? Does your network allow streaming apps, P2P file sharing, Video Teleconferencing? Is any QoS put in place? Does your business do any data transfers with other sites? VPN users?

    If it were me, I would see what could be implemented on the network to help with the traffic flow in your network. Looks good on you if you can save the bosses money and speed up the internet... So, if you're allowing P2P file sharing (and its being utilized for non-work purposes), I would look at either blocking that traffic, or putting in some type of QoS policy. That's just an example that popped into my head... HTH.


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    We have a 2 sister company that I am managing (different domain) through VNC (company only using RRAS) / VPN (company using Astaro UTM). On our company, there are around 60 employees and around 60 IP Phone from avaya connected to our machine. From the 2 sister company office, there are only about 20 users each without IP Phone. For now, the other company are connected through 1 Mbps DSL only. But later, we will implement Symantec Backup Exec 2010 using DAS in our office and we are also planning to backup the other companies files. But for now, internet, e-mail, IP Phone (calling overseas throgh our Avaya), some VPN connections are the usage that we need.
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    Another thing, these 3 companies are managed by an IT Department but literally, they have there own domains and that is why every company is a single site. There is no reason for them for now to merge/share data/info but our additional job for the other 2 is only for managing/adminestering purposes.
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