Passed ICND2

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Just passed the ICND2 with a 851. The main advice i can give is TIME. Watch your time. I took the advice i saw many post on here about not staying to long on any one question, and it paid off. I finished the exam with 13 seconds left. I was at the point to where i had to take the exam because i found my self becoming burnt out with drilling the same stuff in my head over and over again. I had studied for about 6 1/2 months. I used Odoms book and the boson exam that came with it. I also used RouterSim's simulator. I made sure I had a routine for troubleshooting for the different kind of senarios, such as one for NAT, Frame Relay, cant ping because of a missing route, etc. I had about 7 minutes left with about 7 questions. Then i just started answering questions very quickly without feeling very confident about what i was clicking. When it was over i felt it would be a miracle if i passed. I flipped out when i saw the word "passed" on the paper. I have to say there was some prayer mixed in with my studying. I give 100% credit to Jesus for giving me his favour today. Very glad this turned out to be a BLESSED day. Thanks to all those who helped with all the questions i've had. This is an awesome site.


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