Shon Harris Practice Exam Book

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Shon Harris CISSP Practice Exams
Has anyone tries the practice exam book that came out recently? There aren't any reviews yet on Amazon and I wanted to know if anyone has tried it yet. Thanks in advance!


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    I'm also curious about what others may think of this book.

    I read through some of it on my last visit to Border's and it seemed to be an extension of the practice questions at the end of the chapters in the AIO. I haven't taken the CISSP yet, so I'm wondering if the questions from this book mirrored them at all in difficulty or format? or if it's more of a litmus test to see in which domains additional study is needed?

    Either way I'm surely going to go back to Borders after I finish AIO and run through the questions to see where I'm at.
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    If Shon wants to send me a review copy, I'd be happy to write a review about it on my blog here.

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    Had a chance to swing by the bookstore and spend some more time with this book today. I'm a fan of Shon Harris and have found her AIO book to be helpful in preparing for the CISSP.....but there is no way I can recommend spending $39.99 on this practice exam book.

    The book contains 25 questions for each domain, with explanations for correct and incorrect answers. I don't consider myself ready yet to sit this exam and yet I breezed through the first 3 domains //75 questions.

    The cover of the book details the "online bonus material" (more Q & A) which you can find and use here for free: Free CISSP Practice Exam Questions | CISSP Practice Exams to Help You Pass the CISSP | Shon Harris, Logical Security

    You can get the book from amazon for $26 but with all of the free questions at free practice exams, the above link, and the link JD provided in this thread: ( the $26/$39 for energy bars and drinks during the exam and hit the bars up afterwards. :D
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    Thanks TrainingDaze!
  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned the $26/$39 for energy bars and drinks during the exam and hit the bars up afterwards. :D

    Nah, you just need a bottle of water or two. That's for the mandatory bar stop after you get out of the exam drunken_smilie.gif
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