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Hi all,

Let me put this bluntly: I'm 25 and am determined to get my CISSP on my own. I essentially want to do this "secretly" so that I can present the certification to my boss and surprise him. Why? I don't know, because I can.

I'm a good test taker and do not take these exams lightly. I know a few CISSPs and I know the exam is hell, but that doesn't bother me. I have a couple years experience in IT, I'm a pretty big geek and have two certs already (Sec+ and Net+) so I know I can do it w/ enough dedication.

My question is should I just buy some books and start reading? If so, what is the best book to start with? I have no problem reading a chapter each night, watching youtube videos, taking practice tests, asking questions on forums, etc and I have the free time and dedication to be able to do it.

What do you guys recommend as a starting point?

Thanks :)

Edit: BTW I also have a BS in MIS from RIT in NY (how's that for a list of acronyms?!)


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    The CISSP is a completely different animal, than Security+ and Network+. I am reading through the material as I do my other studies. I ran through all the material in about 2 months and had a solid understanding of it. Now I am in review mode which has lasted another 5 months while doing other work. I am planning to take the test either next year or 2012 it all depends on when I can get a break from work to fly back to the states to take the test.

    To begin with it does not sound as if you have the 5 years of experience in at least 2 Domains in the CBK required to become more than an Associate of ISC2. You either need to earn that or have it after 6 years of completing the test or you loose your associates status. In addition there is a $35 annual maintenance fee and you must earn 20 CPE each year. If I am wrong about this I apologize but from the information you listed that is as it appears.

    Now for studying:
    First read Shon Harris CISSP All-IN-One Study Guide which goes into all topics in depth: CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Fifth Edition (9780071602174): Shon Harris: Gateway

    After Shon's book you really should be using the official ISC2 CBK (green book) 2nd Edition found here: Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Second Edition ((ISC)2 Press) (9781439809594): Harold F. Tipton: Gateway

    To review buy practice exams or a practice exam book with detailed explanations like this one: CISSP Practice Exams (All-in-One) (9780071701396): Shon Harris: Gateway
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    BTW I'll have a BSIT ASAP from WGU which is based out of SLC..

    I've heard the All in One is good. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Fifth Edition (9780071602174): Shon Harris: Books
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    Thanks guys! That's all I was looking for is a list of materials to get started. I will grab the Shon Harris book tonight and give it a read.

    Chris, you're right that I don't have all the experience yet. I have worked as a network admin for about two years and before that held a position as an application security administrator, before that part of an incident response team as my co-op for RIT. However, if I start w/ the materials now and get a solid understanding of the test, I could either become an associate CISSP temporarily or by the time I am ready to take it I will have enough experience.

    I really just want to know the material. I don't need to take the test to feel confident that I know the material, and if I know it I can use it, so when it comes time to take the test I will be ready.

    Thanks again and I'll grab that book tonight and get started!

    Edit: BTW excuse my ignorance but what are the CPEs I must earn? I'm not sure what that acronym means.
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    Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

    Each exercise you do may or may not equal a certain amount of CPE. Maintaining the CISSP requires either taking that test again or earning these. They can be reading magazines (really having a subscription), teaching, earning other certifications and so on. ISC2 website has the details.

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