VTP defaults on 2950

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I was hoping someone could make sure I've got some defaults straight for 2950/2960 switches with the latest IOS.

-will trunk out of the box with another 2950 or 2960 because the ports are set to dynamic desirable
-Will come up as a VTP server and update VLAN info on other 2950 switches that also have no domain name. Will assume domain name of first vtp message it receives from another switch.

-Out of box will not trunk to another new OOB 2960 because ports are set to dynamic auto.
-OOB comes up as a VTP server but will not update other switches or take updates until a domain name is set manually.



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    The 2950s as you say are going to trunk with another switch that has either dynamic desirable, dynamic auto, trunking on because by default they are set to dynamic desirable. I can't speak of the 2960s because I haven't touched one... I think the most important part of your studies for this one is to understand the difference between dynamic auto, dynamic desirable, and DTP messages. I don't think I'm violating the NDA on this one... Cisco will not ask specifically about a switch platform because they know their technologies vary by platform! The same applies to the VTP... just be sure you understand the differences between VTP version 1 & 2. HTH...

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