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Hi, my name is Brock. I am new to this forum, as I just registered a few days ago. Currently, I am a 19 second year student in college. I am majoring in Information Technology. When I was in high school, I took four CCNA prep classes, but at that time, I didn't put any effort in it, and gained very little knowledge.

Now, my work ethic is a WHOLE LOT better. One of my classes this semester is to prepare me for the A+ essentials certification this December. Aside from that, I was thinking to myself that I would start to study for the CCNA, once again.

My professor is ironically the same teacher that I had in high school. He can get a lot of resources for cheap off of Cisco's website being that he is professor and a CCNP. He offered to me that he would let me use the simulator off of their website instead of my buying routers and switches for my labs. Should I go with the physical devices, or would you think the network simulator could help?


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    I'd go hardware if you are new to it. You are going to want to go through all the learning pains of setting up the lab that a simulator won't give you like cabling, IOS upgrades, etc. Once you get the hardware portion of it down pretty well you can go with dynamips and some switches or just continue to build onto your hardware lab.
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    I agree with networker. Even if all you can afford right now is a couple $10 beaters, you need to get some hands on with real gear. That is unless you'll have access to some gear at school.
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    For the CCNA I did just fine with simulators and a pair of routers. No need to get to expensive.
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    If you were an actual Cisco Network Academy Student back in high school, you should be able to get Alumni Access. That gives you access to the current materials for the courses you took (and Packet Tracer).
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    I think they have some, but they have 1600 series and 1900 series. Would those work?
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