HP Compaq nc6320

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How cool is this laptop, bought it yesterday for £45 quid, it has a missing sata HD and its cover and also missing memory cover, and I think the DVD WR is faulty, but.........my cousin had a Toshiba laptop and let me have the sata drive from it and Win7 comes on no probs

Tried to do a clean install on it and that's when I found out the faulty CD drive, so had to just update the drivers and it works fine, for £45 + £23 for a sata drive for my cousin is defo a bargain

Fingerprint login works brilliantly and with 2 gig of ram it can play an 11 gig MKV file (Avatar) and is surprisingly not jumping

Only downside is the screen is not widescreen

Has anyone used one of these laptops


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    I've used several 6220s which are a generation behind, but are more or less the same laptop. Really like the look and feel of these.
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