Microsoft AD Topology Diagrammer

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Bl8ckr0uter and I were having a conversation on AD, and he asked me an easy way to get some info on AD. I remembered at one time I had used a tool from Microsoft to map out the domain - Microsoft AD Topology Diagrammer. You have to have Visio installed to use it, but the tool will pretty much lay out your AD/OU infrastructure for you, and then **** it in to Visio. If you have Exchange you can have it put that in as well (we don't run Exchange in the lab so I haven't used that feature).

Info: Here
Download: Here

Just thought I'd share this with everyone as it might be beneficial to others!
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    I give it a thumbs up, it is good for some pretty quick discovery in a new environment.
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    I tried to give you rep but I must spread some around lol
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    I got him for you. There's a reason RK calls me rep slut as I'm pretty easy. I'm gonna see if this'l work on my lab server with just 4 2008 R2 ent VMs, 1 2008 Server core VM, and a couple client VMs
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    Works great, I love this tool. icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks for the kind words guys! I figured this tool could help quite a few people, so thought I'd share.

    Earweed - I believe it will only show your DC's so any other server/clients won't show up (at least I know of). I could be wrong however. I know one of the earlier versions of Visio had a feature that would map your entire infrastructure (that was years ago).
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