CCNA lab with the idea I want to pursue my CCVP next

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I'm trying to do this as affordable as possible, at least as far as my CCNA studies go. I have some 2500 routers in the basement, and from what I've read they're rather useless, along with a couple of 2950 switches (at least if I remember correctly they're 2950s)

I have also read about GNS, and have been told that I can incorporate it into my CCNA studies.

What's a good basic kit that I can create, with the idea that I plan to pursue Voice next. If not voice, then definitely security.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I've finally in a position to start buying lab parts.


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    For the first part, GNS3 should get you through CCNA with ease (you can use 3640's with the switch modules for the switching commands). If you purchase the network academy books/lab portfolio's or just search online you will find plenty of labs, and like most people I would suggest getting ahold of the CBT Nuggets series.

    Then you have to get the CCNA-Voice cert, right now you can take the CVOICE test and get your CCNA-V + it works towards the start of your CCNP-Voice. They are about to revise it I believe, check Cisco's website for all the details.

    CVOICE is primarily just an information test, background on the nyquist theorem, basic voice configurations, gateway information and configuration, codec info etc.. You can still create some labs without the need for actual equipment. However, GNS3 does not support the voice modules (FXO, FXS, E&M) so for those configs you would need one or two capable routers (I have a rack of 2650XM's, 1 with carrier module with FXO and FXS cards as well as a 7960 phone) The cheapest router I know of to do voice is a 2621XM (must be the XM models) The downside is I believe these routers only get you to call manager 4, I know they will not run 6+ but I cannot remember if it is 4 or 5 that was the highest available.

    For starting out though, GNS3 will get you through the CCNA and CCNA-V just fine. Once you get past that you might want to check on a Per-Test basis to see what would be needed. You can always drop a couple hundred for equipment for one test while you save up for the necessary equipment for the next one.

    Hope this Helps
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    hypnotoadhypnotoad Banned Posts: 915
    Go with GNS3, after the CCNA you need real hardware to run voice cards (FXO, FXS, MFT-T1's) then I suggest the 1760. It will run 12.4 ipvoice IOS and I think will get up to CME 4.0 or so. You'll also need a PVDM module. Then you'll need phones. The phones vary a lot - in PoE methods, features, firmware. But that's another story. After you pass the CVOICE with this stuff you can go to IPT1 and IPT2 (well, most people go IPT1/IPT2 next) -- which require you to have a callmanager. You can run CallManager in VMWare in a lab environment, or buy a random 7800 series callmanager server on ebay -- but the VMWare idea is easier.
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    hypnotoad wrote: »
    or buy a random 7800 series callmanager server on ebay -- but the VMWare idea is easier.

    And cheaper -- icon_thumright.gif

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